October 29, 2009

pencarian perfumes

It has been a very long time since my last shopped on perfumes. I am using the same fragrance for more than a year. Suda busan ngan bau-bauan yang sama je. So this month I plan to buy new perfumes. Kalo bleh nak cari yg smaller bottles. Cepat sket abes, and bleh tuko slalu. These are few products that come cross my mind. Only afford to choose 2 smaller bottles at this moment. Sigh =( Kalaulah dpt beli semuanya…(berangan jela..)


Body perfume by Victoria was released by Victoria’s Secret in 2002. It is a very long lasting fragrance that comes across as very fresh and clean, which is quite typical of modern scents. However, it does provide a unique sweetness that is hard to match with its fruit, floral, and aquatic notes that dry down into a very sexy sandalwood finish.


Burberry Brit perfume was released by Burberry in 2003, a year before the male fragrance joined it with the same name. It has a very nice freshness with the lime, pear, and almond top notes that blend in a very crisp manner. The most enchanting part of Burberry Brit perfume, however, is the cleansing dry down of amber and vanilla.


Eternity perfume by Calvin Klein is a 1988 fragrance that was inspired by the creator’s marriage to Kelly Rector. Eternity is a very nice floral scent that includes notes of mandarin, sage, freesia, patchouli, amber, and sandalwood. It is a very soft, yet still is able to pass as an evening fragrance. Eternity perfume can really be worn anytime. It’s very romantic with a hint of subtle sexiness to it.

Envy Me was introduced by Gucci in 2004 before a second version under the same name was created in 2006. The original, however, remains the fresher of the two – using pineapple, pomegranate and jasmine to deliver a crisp feel that is warm enough to last beyond the sunlight and into the evenings. Envy Me perfume is a feminine scent that will quickly become a daytime favorite of yours soon after you buy.

Intuition perfume was released by Estee Lauder in 2000, two years after the male fragrance was introduced. Intuition starts with a fresh burst of citrus and some wonderfully blended floral notes that are sincere and sensual. The meltdown is stunning with the warmth it brings, but not too much so that it can’t be a daytime wear. The vanilla and woods hold on for hours leaving you feeling completely satisfied.

Jadore Perfume for Women by Christian Dior was created in 2000 and is described as a sparkling fresh floral bouquet that is deeply sensual and totally feminine. It exudes top notes of tangy mandarin and ivy leaves, softened by the champaca flower, the middle notes of rare orchids, roses, and violets, with a base of damascus plum, amaranth wood, and blackberry musk. Welcome the fragrance that captures the essence of the 21st century.

Lacoste Touch of Pink perfume is very floral and fun. This is a crisp scent that uses the notes of coriander, jasmine, and violet to make a very feminine scent also pass as youthful. Lacoste Touch of Pink perfume comes in a very cute bottle that perfectly resembles the notes inside. This is a fragrance that must be tried if you are looking for a floral scent that is light like the summer, but best suited for other seasons.

Provocative perfume by Elizabeth Arden is fresher and more delicate than the name suggests. It comes on very smooth and crisp with its top notes and turn softly to the amber dry down that is subtly sexy. It is quite passionate as you would think, and it is a nice fragrance that is very beautiful in a quiet, romantic evening. Provocative perfume is an evening scent that will make you feel at ease.

October 27, 2009

my career

I work somewhere at Section 26, Shah Alam. I've been working here for few months.Actually this is my second job after i graduated. Basically this company owned by Japanese and this branch come out with few products including digital camera, dslr camera and camera lens.

So far i love the environment here, wif friendly staffs. Kawan2 pun ok. But hardly to say, i dun really like my current job scope. Being an engineer was one of my dream, and im glad that i got the opportunity to be an engineer. Tp keje2 yg dpertanggungjawabkan really doesnt match and suit me. honestly, walopun bout half year on this job, i still cannot work wif my heart. Ive tried to but i just cant. xpela, mungkin rezeki buat ms ni di sini. I'll try harder to give my best. Semoga Tuhan akan membuka pintu hati dan mempermudahkan diri ini menerima setiap pemberianNya dengan hati yg tulus ikhlas. Amin...


October 26, 2009



A cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person, frequently baked in a small, thin paper cup. As with larger cakes, frosting and other cake decorations, such as sprinkles, are common on cupcakes.

Cupcakes ni dah makin femes in many occasions - engagement n wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and many other events. And of course Im one of the cupcakes lover.

Why i love CUPCAKE?
~They are very nicely made and perfect for any parties!
~All the cupcakes are sooo nicely made….I'M LOVIN' IT !
~The cuppies all look so yummy!!

Here are some cupcakes which i found tru the net. nmpk sgt mengiurkan! i love the simple design. yummy!!! And nmpk sesuai tuk majlis perkahwinan and other occations.

tour raya at klang valley area

Syawal sudah berlalu. but i only got time to upload these raya tour pics. Me n my frens went for a raya tour at klang valley area, kalo xsilap empat rumah kot kitorg g beraya. It was a great raya tour walaupun permulaan nya terpaksa merempuh hujan yg sgt lebat sepanjang perjalanan from serdang to ampang.