October 27, 2009

my career

I work somewhere at Section 26, Shah Alam. I've been working here for few months.Actually this is my second job after i graduated. Basically this company owned by Japanese and this branch come out with few products including digital camera, dslr camera and camera lens.

So far i love the environment here, wif friendly staffs. Kawan2 pun ok. But hardly to say, i dun really like my current job scope. Being an engineer was one of my dream, and im glad that i got the opportunity to be an engineer. Tp keje2 yg dpertanggungjawabkan really doesnt match and suit me. honestly, walopun bout half year on this job, i still cannot work wif my heart. Ive tried to but i just cant. xpela, mungkin rezeki buat ms ni di sini. I'll try harder to give my best. Semoga Tuhan akan membuka pintu hati dan mempermudahkan diri ini menerima setiap pemberianNya dengan hati yg tulus ikhlas. Amin...


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L i 3 z @ said...

hm i dunno la. i cannot achieve my dreams here la. certainly not.