November 10, 2009

business trip

I went to Penang for two days, 15th to 16th October for fixed asset disposal audit. It was my first time went for a business trip sepanjang keje in this company (cess..bunyi cam da lama keje je =p). Kalo ikot first schedule, members yg join sepatutnya two gals n two guys. But then schedule drevised. I was the only gal, ditemani 3 org jejaka. Jejaka?? Err..not really! xsesuai! We went for the audit activity at two vendors-cem and nissei which located at Prai. Kitorg nginap d Cititel Hotel, btol2 kt penang town. Actually I have nothing much to share here, maklumla stakat g buat keje je. Dah nama pun business trip kan. Bukannya holiday trip. Lagipun g penang je, dah slalu g. almaklumlah, my hometown pun kt utara gak. So xdela rasa excited sgt. But somehow, it was a good experience for me.

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