January 29, 2010


We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sail.

Kita tidak boleh mengarahkan angin, tetapi kita boleh mengubah layar kapal.

January 26, 2010

Proud of JENAN

Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin hari ini mengumumkan senarai 20 Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi (SBT) dalam usaha kerajaan mengangkat kualiti sekolah terbaik di seluruh negara ke taraf dunia. Sekolah terbabit terdiri daripada 10 sekolah berasrama penuh, empat sekolah harian biasa dan enam sekolah kebangsaan. Beliau yang juga Menteri Pelajaran berkata, pemilihan SBT dibuat berdasarkan prestasi cemerlang dalam akademik, kokurikulum dan kebitaraan, sekali gus melayakkan sekolah berkenaan menikmati kuasa autonomi tambahan.
--Utusan Malaysia, 26 Jan.

20 skolah yg terpilih

Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abdul Halim. SMSAH a.k.a JENAN. It was a great place where I grew up on my teen age. A lot of memories n experiences sepanjang five years kat sana. Believe it or not, skang ni this school is at rank number 5th among all SBP and number 7th overall in Malaysia. Great! Im not really sure bout this, but one of the jenanians found this somewhere. But whatever it is, im proud to be one of the jenanians. Congratulation to those who make it at this stage.

January 25, 2010


Petang semalam my mama dah ke ipoh to teman n support my sis yg akn bsalin bila2 masa je. Excited menunggu kelahiran cucu kedua. My sis akan deliver kt ipoh, den after few days derang akan pulang ke kampung where my sis akan berpantang di perlis. Lebey senang kt kampung cos senang nk ngurut memandangkan our jiran is a bidan n tukang urut. So started from yesterday I need to take care of my sis n my kazen since mama is not home for bout a month. Makin bertambah keje2 harian..memasak..laundry..ngemas umah..And makin bertambah gak belanjawan aku tuk lima enam minggu ni. Tak dapek nk shopping lg =(

January 21, 2010

baby present

Thinking... Hm nak beli present ape ek for my anak sedara. Oredi bought an OshKosh thirt. Thinking of buying  another cutie present. Hair accessories kot. Tp kena tgu mak buyung bersalin dulu. A cap for a boy or a hairband for a gal. My sista tgh tunggu masa je to deliver her baby. Wish everything will be fine. May God bless her. Amin...


It was suggested to cancel the plan. Speechless. Hopeless. Maybe there is a reason behind this. Only God knows.

January 14, 2010

in r.e.d


January 12, 2010

Samsung rt2bsass

Got my own fridge! Yeay! This is it >> Samsung RT2BSASS
 -- 250 Liter -- Coolever Zone Plus -- Silver Nano Deodorize -- Twist Ice Maker -- Recess Handle

Awal2 beli fridge ni sgt terasa beban nk membayar 1k. Gosh! Byk bleh shoping wif dat amount of money. Tp bile pk blk, ok gak beli fridge ni, nnt kawen n nak pindah umah, xyah nak pk beli fridge lg. So kiranya this is my another future investment la. Aritu dah beli one bedroom set, for my current used n soon nnt bleh diplacekan kat secondary or tertiery bedroom. Good investment for myself (sekadar ayat memujuk diri sendri cos xdpt shoping sakan. haih!)

When You're Getting Married??

How to Answer People When They Ask You When You're Getting Married

When the two of you have been together for ages but the question of "when" is not even one the two of you are ready to broach, the interfering questions of well-meaning family and friends can be a bother. It can also be embarrassing when one of you has started to think about this more and more and the other partner is not even on the same wavelength. Here are some ideas for coping with this age-old question politely and evasively all at once.
(mmg lotih nak menjawab soklan pemes ni esp for us yg been together for almost five years. huh!)

**Smile disarmingly and tell the person who has asked you that you're both enjoying one another's company immensely, and that they will certainly be one of the first to know if the two of you decide anything significant.
(this is one of my fevret answer)

**Be firm if they keep insisting or teasing. Ask them how they would feel if you were to badger them about a similarly personal topic, such as when they intend having kids, moving into a retirement home, or selling the farm. Say it nicely but it is good to provide a graphic example of how personal questions are not very nice sometimes. If you're good at humor without making people feel belittled, you could even turn this into a light-hearted joke.
(macam xsampai ati je nk ckp cani. usually i bermonolog sendirian je. sedey sowang2. sob sob..)

**Discuss the topic with your partner. He or she probably feels just as uncomfortable as you do when people ask you the unwanted question. Come up with a joint plan on tackling the question. Neither of you needs to be at the stage of actually discussing marriage but you do need a united front on batting back the question kindly and as a couple.
**It may be easiest to just chuckle and say "Hmm... well, when we know, you'll know."

**Remember, it's really nobody else's business except you and your mate's.

**Pick a random day and say, "September 24." When they ask what year reply, "Oh, we have not settled on a year."
( pun my fevret jwpn gak. "bulan dah decide, tp tahun bile lom dcide lg")

**Just put on your super-sweet smile and say "I don't know. How kind of you to ask." Then close your lips and watch them stutter.

January 08, 2010

Proper plan

A wedding...Why we should n must plan earlier? Why we should started to get prepared?

I read n followed few blogs written by brides to be. Most of them are getting married end of 2010. Rasa sgt teruja follow derang nyer preparation. How i wished i could be in the group. Many things that make me feel riso n gusar. Cos im not in that stage yet! Errr..
- they had confirmed the date, or at least the month...
- they oredi booked the hall for their wedding reception (very shock to know dat dah byk hall yg fully booked for wedding akhir thn ni which is ade lg 11 bulan! cepatnye!)...
- they oredi started to buy the brg2 hantaran. better la kan, xdela kelam kabut n rasa terlalu beban nak beli sume brg2 serentak... baru sikit je benda yg kena pk n plan for a wedding. Axtually ade byk lg things to get prepared. I wish my turn will come very soon. Wish i could be one of them. Sgt teruja! Cos i love wedding stuff so much!

January 06, 2010

DOOR GIFT part II (food)

Actually dis is my second entri bout my choices of door gift. So far, these three items are in my consideration. Kuih bahulu, chocolate and lollipop.




January 05, 2010

Happy new year

May this new year brings more happiness and may all of our dreams come true.