January 08, 2010

Proper plan

A wedding...Why we should n must plan earlier? Why we should started to get prepared?

I read n followed few blogs written by brides to be. Most of them are getting married end of 2010. Rasa sgt teruja follow derang nyer preparation. How i wished i could be in the group. Many things that make me feel riso n gusar. Cos im not in that stage yet! Errr..
- they had confirmed the date, or at least the month...
- they oredi booked the hall for their wedding reception (very shock to know dat dah byk hall yg fully booked for wedding akhir thn ni which is ade lg 11 bulan! cepatnye!)...
- they oredi started to buy the brg2 hantaran. better la kan, xdela kelam kabut n rasa terlalu beban nak beli sume brg2 serentak... baru sikit je benda yg kena pk n plan for a wedding. Axtually ade byk lg things to get prepared. I wish my turn will come very soon. Wish i could be one of them. Sgt teruja! Cos i love wedding stuff so much!


Aning said...

Ayat "How i wished i could be in the group" tu kan tak brape nak betoi.. Hang memang dah 'in the group', as long as hang tak kawen lagi.. hahaha.. lain la aku, kalo tetibe nak pk pasal wedding lg, pelik le.. buang tebiat ke ape.. hehehe..

Tak salah nak buat preparation awai-awai.. kalo 2 yrs ahead pon tak ape sbb mende2 tu bkn ade 'expired date' pon.. Lg senang.. tak yah nak kelam kabut cm aku dlu.. huhuhu.. wish i could turn back time ~~

L i 3 z @ said...

tenkiu dear.mmg bagus wat preparation awl2.aku pun prefer riso plak, takut xjadi nnt.hopefully everything will be fine.wish me luck ye