March 18, 2010

Danny's birthday party

Venue: The Club, Bandar Utama
Date: 13 March 2010

The party started at 11am. I planned to go there at 12 but sampai sejam lmbt. Im sory guys for the one hour late. Decoration yg meriah, ditambah plak kt tepi swimming pool. Interesting place kan. Food??? Yummy!! Nasik goreng sodap. Ayam sodap. Sosej sodap. Dadih sodap. Buah sodap. Donut sodap (big apple mmg sodap kan..) Cake sodap (secret recipe pun mmg terkenal ngan lazatannye..) Thank you to kaksuzie for the invitation. And tq to let us tapau food n bawak balik. =) And tq for the goodies bag (dpt jelly n cutie mug.yea!). Happy 2nd birthday Danny!

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