April 30, 2010

My last day in COM

Friday, 30 April 2010

Today is my last day working here at Canon Opto (M) Sdn Bhd. Means that this is my last time updating my blog here. (penyalahgunaan asset company for personal used. sowi.huhu.) How do i feel? Macam2 perasaan. Sedih.. Sebak.. Nerves. I started working here on 8 June 2009. Lebey kurang 11bulan di sini. Walaupun xdela lama sgt, but byk ilmu and pengalaman sepanjang i kerja kat sini. The environment is good, wif nice and friendly friends and opismates. (tetiba rasa sebak jap.haih..sentimental plak ari ni) To all team members of PnE1, thank you for all your support and kindness. To my dear friends - Alyani and Zamratul, im gonna miss our morning chitchatting. Erk morning jeke. Morning and noon kot =p Thanxomuch to all my friends here - Alyani, Zam, Ied, KakSuzie, KakRona, KakAni, Nurul, Faz, Feera, KakLin, Alia, Fiza, KakJehan, KakNurul, KakFiza, Ain, Ayien, Maro, Maly, Bui, Tony, Izwan  and semua yang lain (sori to nama yang tak dsebut, list panjang sgt. But u know who u r kan..) Im glad to know u guys. Thanx for being really nice friends. Hopefully we will keep in touch. Im gonna miss u all. Muuaaaahhhssxx !!!!

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Prinzessin said...

babe...keje mana plak pasni???