May 26, 2010

COM in memories_part one

Actually dah lama nak post entry ni. Tp tertangguh bcos of kesesakan masa tuk memilih n mengedit all the pics. There will be few entries on my hari-hari terakhir di Canon. First of all, i would like to thank all my frens there cos byk memberi tunjuk ajar, ilmu, panduan dan berkongsi suka duka. I miss each of you there esp those yg byk spentime n sharing stories together. To Zam, thanxomuch for this very touching words. Dropped my tears down. To Alyani, i miss our chit chatting - the heart talking and the future dreaming. And to all my frens yang byk share xprien, bg nasihat, teman mkn n borak2 - Ied, KakSuzie, Nurul, Faz, and everyone out there, u know who u r kan. I do miss u all guys! Nnt aku bwk ole2 kek lapis ye =) Keep in touch k!

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Faz... ^_^ said...

arrrgggghhh...i miss u sis..:-( nasihat akk xsentiasa sy igt...u are one of the person i find,u are very smart person.(lau bi tunggang langgang betolkan ea..)huhuhuhu