May 16, 2010

The hotel

Today is my last day staying at this hotel. Basaga Holiday Residences. Sebenarnya xpenah dgr pun hotel ni. Cari and book tru online je. A very last minute preparation. Ari khamis nak dtg ke kuching ni, ari rabu booked flight ticket and accomodation. Mmg konpemla otel yg glamer n best tu full or superb mahal. This Basaga Holiday Residences is located at Chonglin Park, Kuching. Saya memilih bilik type Verandah Room. Condition bilik ok and comfort. Tp all the rooms here tak provide fridge and interkom! Fridge tu xkesah sgt pun. Tp interkom is important la kan. Everytime nak call receptionist kena pakai hp sendri. Sungguh hampesss. Checked in on 13 May and will check out today,16 May. Empat hari tiga malam. The rate is rm140/day. Kena tmbah room deposit rm200. For muslim, I dont recommend you to stay here bcos sgt susah nak dpt halal food at this area. There is only one halal restaurant nearby, tp bukak pagi sampai kol 2pm kot. Bleh je nak mkn ari2 kt otel ni. Tp the dining area tu mcm tak menyelerakan. Here and there cuma nampak botol2 beer je. Kat kaunter tu semuanya beer, full house! Langsung xnmpk benda len kat situ. Jus oren pun served dlm jug and glass beer.  Kalo stakat nak p tdo je, shud be no prob la for muslim. Tp bab nak mkn ni mmg sshla kat sini.

Swimming pool

The outside of Verandah rooms (facing the pool)

This is my room!

View of the lobby building from my room

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L i 3 z @ said...

thanx sayang.i miss u sooooo much!