July 25, 2010

b2b blogwalking

Dah lama xmenjengah blogs b2b (brides to be). Sepanjang pagi ni i blogwalking all their sweet & nice blogs. Everyone is bz preparing for their big day. Although i dun have the chance to be one of them, but i am so happy reading their stories. (sedih mengenangkan nasib diri ini..) I like wedding stuff. I like to read the stories behind the big event. Happy. Interesting. Exciting. Satisfaction. How i wish i could be one of them. Btw, to those yg merancang nak kawen mid of 2011, i heard that most of the hall in klang valley is running out of availibility. Some of them are fully booked until august 2011. Sebenarnye mengikut xprien org yg da kawen, you have to book the dewan a year b4 your wedding. Tempoh yg paling selamat. Awalnye! But its true ok. Some of the b2b bloggers tgh poning2 mencari dewan tuk their wedding on june - august 2011.  Ade dewan dah fully booked sampai Dec 2011. Wow!! To those yg plan nak wat majlis kat dewan tu, plis mind that ok!  Yang mcm malas nk pk lg tu, rasanya dah patut pk secara serious. That shows how much important to have an earlier plan kan. Some people xphm n xkesah sgt benda2 ni esp guys. Ada sesetengah laki malas sket nk pk pasal kawen n weding prep. Semuanya xkesah.. awal lg.. rilex dulu.. xyah pening2 pk..  xyah kalut2 and mcm2 lagi common alasan yg slalu diberi. My brother was one of them. Everything diserahkan kat my mom. Haih.. But for ladies, a wedding is one of the most important thing happen in life. Everyone nak yg terbaik kan. To the ladies yg dpt partner yg sama2 bersemangat n xcited for a wedding, they are so lucky. My classmate, andy is so lucky to have a partner yang do all the preps of their coming wed this august, since andy is now working far away. Im so jealous of her. Tahniah andy! Owh, ade my fwens yg tanye nape da lama xde entry bout wedding stuff kt sini. Jawapannya, i malas nk survey. and not in the mood. Tunggu mood dtg dulu. Huhu. Btw, sebenarnya i dlm process nak separatekan  the wedding stuff to another diff blog. In progress. It would be a private blog, only for few invited pple je. Nway, to all the b2b, all the best in preparing the best for your big day. May God bless you. To those yg dah selamat menjadi wifey to your beloved hubby, congratulation to all of you.


andy said...

heheeee tq tq tq tqqq

L i 3 z @ said...

congratulation dear! happy counting days k