July 04, 2010

Learning process

Ok dis is wat i am working for now. Mengisi masa lapang dengan mengenali dunia gamers. Reading about the related stuff. The equipments. The gadgets. Types of games. Actually i am not really into game. I am not a gamer of course. I do not have xbox nor wii nor psp nor any type of ps. Never thought of having one pun. So why on earth i spent my time to get to know all those things. I dunno. Mungkin perasaan untuk lebih memahami dunia and kehidupan seorang gamer kot. Learning process never end kan..

Perlukah ade both xbox and ps3? Perlukah monitor sebeso itu? Masih dlm proses mendalami and memahami..
 Sori i put this pic tanpa permisi the owner. jgn mara ye =p


fanadz said...

er.aku main game gune psp je.huhu.

L i 3 z @ said...

fanadz: aku men game yahoo je. muahaha

syafeerul: =)

Hakim said...

monitor yg besar tu perlu..
tp ada both ps3 and xbox seems too much..(bg la satu..haha)..

L i 3 z @ said...

nak ke? kena mintak kt owner die sendrik la. tp awl2 warning ni yer, toksahla mengharap akn dpt plak ;p

zie said...

my hubby got all of them but the monitor part even bigger plus with speakers :) It such a heaven if you have all of that when playing games! However I suggest Wii console intead of both ps3 and xbox :)

ziezie said...

my hubby got all of them but the monitor part is even bigger plus speakers :) It such a heaven for the gamers to have all of that :) Well, some games good with PS some with XBOX as for me, i suggest Wii instead of both consoles :)