August 23, 2010

1. Ape name blog nape letak nama 2?
Cheiron is my nama pena tuk my hasil penulisan. I love to write poem and cerpen long time ago. Tapi dah sgt lama tak ngarang..

2. Bila start buat blog? 
Tahun 2003 started wif the same name and url as this one, tp diff content. 2009 i totally changed everything. Nafas baru =)

3. Sape 1st follower?
I xde letak follower link kat my blog

4. Ucapan khas untuk pemberi Award?
Tenkiu vewy much to puan zati to-be. You have the most frequent updates blog on my list. Rajinnye mengupdate. Keep it up!

5. Lastly, 9 org cute yang saya nak tag?
Ok i tag everyone yg visit my blog and baca this entry. Hey! You are reading kan, so u've been tagged! And u've been awarded =)

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