August 03, 2010

Seminar at Santubong Resort

Our department telah berjaya mengorganized 'Seminar on Radioactive Iodine Treatment of Thyroid Diseases' pada 22-24 July 2010 di Santubong Resort. With eleven manpower only, sgt byk dugaan and cabaran dlm menjayakan seminar yg dihadiri lebey kurang 60 participants.The invited speakers and the participants were from all over the country, bout 85% were from semenanjung kot. After a month bertungkus lumus, hasilnya agak membanggakan, except for the hotel management. Rasanya it would be the last time ever to organize any event there. Service and management yg sgt mengecewakan. Luckily kitorg ade prepared and bwk our own equipment (standby awl2...), if not mesti byk yg kelam kabut. Dahle service n management sgt trok, pastu  food xsedap and repeatition menu. Stress! Papepun, this seminar byk bagi a lot of experiences in managing and organizing a big event. Baru sebulan keje dah kena manage few important things. Anyway it was a good  learning process. Besides dpt kenal and bertuko stories and experiences wif peserta2 dari luar. So here goes our nuclear medicine team...

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