September 26, 2010

Sambungan diy project

Masih lagi project yg sama as in previous entry. But yg ni green color wif smaller ribbon size. Oh lupa nak gitau, i used satin ribbon for this project. Actually paper ribbon and organza ribbon are much easier to shape n tie them. Tp in my case, paper ribbon adalah sgt xsesuai n xcantik. Organza is nice, tp oredi used for other parts of the project. Later ill combine them together in one group of items.Why i choose green? Hm because my diy project are all in green+white/cream theme.

Ok done 1/2.. Progress report? Tinggal lg half step

Simple kan. Ada sket caca merba senget benget. Tp stil rasa puas ati sbb the whole project is on my own touch. Saya budak baru belajar. First time buat benda2 ni. Huhu. (not bad for the first timer like me kan..)  Ok enuf for this time. Nanti sambung lagi. 


MiSS iZZati said...

oooo dah nak tunang erk??congrats!

L i 3 z @ said...

tunang? hm satu doa tu. tq zati. amin..

Aning said...

Ohoho.. sudah mahu melangkah ke another level ek? Congrates! Nnt jgn lupe update ^_^