October 03, 2010

Triple ten

Pejam celik pejam celik, dah masuk bulan october. Dah dekat akhir tahun kan. Apa istimewanya bulan october ni? Of course la bcos there is a red hot date for weddings this year: October 10, 2010. Get it? 10-10-10. What a fun wedding date kan, and it happens to fall on a weekend (this coming ahad), making it the most trendy wedding date since 07-07-07 a few years ago. Owh btw, my kazen got married on the triple seven (7/7/7).

Ten is perfect. So October 10, 2010 should be a pretty great day. I have my own plan during dat coming triple ten. Tarikh dipilih for few reasons. It is just a number to remember. Tade sebarang kepercayaan karut tentang tarikh dan nombor yer. But after all,  it is a cute number, isnt it? 

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