March 05, 2011

Cinderella's shoes

Kasut is salah satu accesories penting in wedding attire. To some people, they dun really put attention on what to put on their feet masa wedding day. But to some other people, kasut memainkan peranan penting to show their personallity and menaikkan lagi seri pengantin. And yg paling penting is keselesaan sepanjang majlis. Bare in mind dat the bride akan pakai the chosen shoes for the whole day. Bukan dok atas kerusi je, tp nak berjalan2 jupe thousand guests, plus posing sana sini. So pastikan kasut pilihan kita tu sesuai tuk kaki masing2 bertahan yer. Jangan nak pilih ikut cantik je, tp nnt masa majlis kaki terhencut2 plak.  Or nmpk xcomfort masa berjalan. U r the center of attraction, so semua org akan nmpk setiap pgerakan kita. Hati2 pilih kasut yer. Ok jom ushar types of shoes yg sesuai for the brides.

Vintage Heels
Tap those heels back in time and dazzle everyone with some vintage heels. There is such a wide variety in shapes and styles to choose from. Vintage wedding shoes have lots of inspired fashion era styles to chose from.


Slingbacks are always in style and look so feminine. No matter which style you chose, peep toe or closed toe your feet will feel supported and secure. We have a great selection to choose from.

Ankle Strap
Step out in style with some gorgeous ankle strap shoes. Ankle straps add elegance, will make the ankle look slender and will support your feet through out the long day.

Court Shoes will go with almost any dress. They will support your feet and look fabulous whether you want a classic look, or more of a fashionable twist to them and your outfit. 

Source: One Wedding

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