September 11, 2011

Missing things???

Few things are missing here....

the happiness * the loveliness * the honesty * the loyalty * the trust * the laugh * the politeness * the sweetness * the spirit * the sensuous * the excitement * and many other things

Are they really missing? Or are they hiding back behind something? Or are they still here but invisible to see and touch? Or are they decreasing from time to time that we cant see and sense them anymore? Hey you guys out there! Please come back to me. I need u with me!

* InsyaAllah, i am going back to shah alam dis coming thursday. Since friday is public holiday, so i amek cuti on monday so dat dapat balik xtra sehari n wif cheaper flight tickets. Cheaper pun rm300 gak weh! Raya bersama family di shah alam plak.  And maybe g beraya umah in laws to be. Hehe. Aritu raya kt perlis. Xsama kot =p


Linda Musa said...

we are here...always dear :) xoxo

~ Lady D ~ said...

thanx dear =)