December 07, 2011


Thinking positively and expecting the best outcome brings the greatest results.

(1) The very first step toward positive thinking is to believe we deserve great! Ask yourself, “Do I deserve joy, peace and love?” The answer is YES!
(2) Next, we must frequently look for the positive.

(3) Then, let’s shift our focus in our relationships.
Instead of thinking the worse of our spouse and their actions, let’s think the best. If we were to consider the intentions and motives of our spouses we just may come to the conclusion they didn’t mean to upset us. Reframing a situation with a new intention is eye opening. When a situation arises instead of the usual thoughts, let’s begin thinking the following “my husband did that because he thought it would make me happy or save us time and money” or “my wife said that not to hurt my feelings, but to make sure she was clear”. Get in the habit of thinking what else it could be. The majority of the time we’ll find our spouses don’t purposely set out to set us off.

Once we began to think positively more often and expect the best, our lives truly do change. Our actions mirror our thoughts. Start today envisioning joy, peace and positivity in your marriage. Positive thinking will transform a marriage and our lives in general.

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