December 16, 2011


I got this sms kol 3.41pm ptg semlm...

" RM0.00 Urgent! AirAsia flight AK.... from KCH to KUL on 03rd MAR 2012 is now rescheduled earlier to ....hrs. For more info, please call +6.......... and enter this Password: 5...... to speak to an agent. Please disregard this notification if your original flight time within your booking is the same as the timing indicated above or log on to for more info. Thank you. "

Flight bulan 3 thn depan tp awl gile sms! Agak2 tahun depan simpan lg x sms ni =p Mula2 baca tak tgk btol2 date tu. I tot flight i mau pulang nexwik reshuduled, ghupernye nex year punya flight daaaa.... Haih tu tahun depan punya cite. Nnt check organizer n have to remark (cet! organizer pun blom dapat lg maaa..)

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