January 08, 2012

Life has to move on_part 2 (New items & gadgets)

Remember my entry bout christmas gift at this entry? So what did i get?

Someone - pending ;(
Watch - pending ;(
Handbag - checked =)
Heels - checked =)
Handphone - checked =)
Wardrobe items: two blouses & one white english dress - checked =)

All these items diborong sepanjang seminggu i balik shah alam from christmas to newyear. Gifts from me to myself. So considered them as hadiah krismas n tahun baru. Can be said as shopping therapy also. And selangkah menapak to start a new life. New life, with new beginning. And new items n gadget also?? Erk.. boley relate ke. Huhu ;) Btw, life has to move on.

And today i grab one more gift for myself. What is it? Tungguuuuuu ;)

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