February 15, 2012

Anugerah itu

Last year and this year seems dat ramai my frens yg menimang cahaya mata.  And ramai jugak yg their babies will pop up soon. I went to visit few of them lately. When i visited my senior physicist lastmonth, tros mata i berair masa dukung her baby. It was a different feeling. Rasa sebak sgt.  I would say... Hm, i tingin sgt nk dukung baby sendri. I used to berangan i have my own baby in my 28 or 29. But i know it is impossible. Yes, pple owez berangan kan. Sampaikn i penah mimpi dukung baby, tp xtaula anak sape tuh ;p All I know is dat being a mom is such a great feeling kan. Congratulation to all my dear frens yg dah selamat dikurniakan putera n puteri masing2. U are all great mommies!

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