February 22, 2012

February is a month of love

Ive heard news about you. 
I'm very sorry to hear that. 
Be strong dear. 
Well February is a month of love. 
So be happy! Takecare!

a Him

I received a basket of chocolate and a bouquet of lilies last week, sending to my office. I dunno who was the sender but internal staff here la kot, since yg hantar pun staff hospital ni jugak kan =p Whoever the sender is, thanxomuch. Well i never celebrate valentine's day, and there is no more month of love for me. But, u make my day!


cicayanki said...

secret admirer? :)

cik fara said...

sonoknya dapat bunga! secret admirer? :D

~ Lady D ~ said...

secret yg xbrapa nk secret kot. haha ;)