February 29, 2012


Alhamdulillah, thank God for giving me strength tuk lalui dugaan and ujian yg sgt berat ni. Im moving on and living on my on feet. Alone. For the past few months, until today. What past is past, i dun want to hold it or look back behind anymore. No more hope, no more tears. Leave all the past behind; erase and reset everything. Life has to move on. But yes, i cant deny that i rasa so lonely. Everyone wants to love and to be loved kan. Owh, guess what did i answered when pple asked me bila nak kawen? I will answer "Hujung thn ni, 20.12.2012. Tp blom ade calon, xsempat update resume lg. Ko tlg edar resume aku nnt ye. Kot-kot ade yg berminat. Kad, baju, pakej tu semua aku dah ready. Tinggal nak naik pelamin je." Pastu mulalah derg buat muka bengang. Haha padan muka. Lenkali jgn tanya soklan sensitip tu lg ye. Soal jodoh, i leave it to Him. Soal hati n perasaan ni kdg2 unpredictable. Kadang2 kita rasa kita syg sorg je, tetibe expand kpd dua org. Kadang2 kita rasa kita adalah seorg yg setia, tp kita xmampu nak kawal perasaan pd org lain. Kadang2 kita rasa si dia tu yg terbaik tuk kita, tp kita dtipu secara xsedar. Kadang2 kita rasa mmg kita n pasangan akan bahagia sehidup semati, tp Tuhan dah tetapkan bukan jodoh bersama. Soal hati and perasaan ni ssh nak dijangka. Unpredictable. But wish one fine day God will introduce me the mr right guy for me. I dunno whom. Mungkin org yg blom dkenali, or mungkin pple around me, or mungkin kwn yg pnh kenal, or sape2 je. Only Him knows the answer. Yang penting sy tenang n hepi dgn life sy skang. Thank God for guiding me. And thanx to all my dear frens, u all rock my life!

Well today is 29february. Its a leap year!  Anyone been proposed today? Or make a proposal to ur love one? What a nice day. Congratulation! Or if not today pun, maybe any other day winthin the year. Still in the leap year kan ;) Haha, budget mat salleh la kan. Ok sy org malaysia n org melayu. Leap year tu ape ek???

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