February 07, 2012

In life

In life, we all want to be loved, understood and cared about. But often what we get, instead, is a feeling of being misunderstood, rejected and betrayed.

In society we're taught it's not OK to feel pain or hurt. Men, especially, feel they're not strong if they feel pain or hurt. It's crucial that we allow ourselves to feel those vulnerable feelings, because we can't heal them unless we're willing to feel them.

The real tragedy of betrayal is, when people close down and become bitter towards life. We need to learn how to grieve the hurt and compose our self so we can open our hearts again to another possibility, another relationship.

For a healthy relationship we have to create a climate of trust, love, care and honor, so we minimize the prospect of betrayal.

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☆ ied_essur ☆ said...

a very positive young lady... (good n suke post ni)... if and only i could be postive as u... (@_*)!!

~ Lady D ~ said...

u r positive my dear ied. we both are =) life has to move on. dun waste our tears for something not worth.