February 01, 2012

Saya mahu terbang

Welcome february! I have few flight tickets already booked for this february 2012.

Kuching - KL 3 Feb
Kuching - KL 9 Feb
KL - Kuching 12 Feb
Kuching - KL 22 Feb
KL - Kuching 26 Feb

Since i dun have any urgent or serious matter to go back frequently anymore, so i decided tuk abaikan je few of the booked  flight tickets for this month. If my mom is stil in shah alam, then ill definitely go back. But since she oredi move back to perlis, sgt jauh tuk i go back to perlis from kl. Cuti pun xlama. Naik flight to kl, then naik bus to perlis. Then again naik bus to kl then flight to kuching. Abes masa kat travelling time je. Ponat n pokai. Huhu. Ill meet my parents kat umah my sis at perak this early february. Its wafa's birthday coming soon. Wafa is my anak sedara and she is turning two very soon! Balik jupe my parents and also celeb wafa's birthday. Erk, nak beli present ape ek. Aiya.. kena shoping jap this week. So im going back to kl on 3Feb, depart at 4.15pm from kuching. Then ke perak wif my sis on the next day maybe. We will be back to shah alam on 7Feb cos rabu my sis dah start keje. Then back to kuching on sunday 12Feb depart at 5pm from lcct. A week leaves from work.

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