March 02, 2012

first of march

Yesterday was firstday of march 2012. It was her birthday. When i called her to wish her birthday, she said she sedih pasni dah xde angka dua. No more twenties. She turned 30 yesterday. Her new resolution? Nak beli keta baru (keta lama tu sedekah kat i ok gak kan), nak beli umah baru (dah beli sebijik umah, nk tmbh lg? i ni blom beli umah pun lagi tau. sigh) n nak tambah second baby (yay, nk dpt baby lg). Thanx to her sbb byk dgr luahan hati n my problems, especially when i was really down last year. Owez be there wehenever i rasa sgt sedih n super stress. Owez support me n my decision. Owez chit chatting when i felt so lonely n bosan. To my dear sis, Kaklang, happy 30th birthday! May all ur wishes come true. Thanx for being a great sis. I love u!

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