March 06, 2012

Its 41

I got mc today due to high fever. Actually since semlm lg rasa xsedap badan n nak demam. Awl pagi td terjaga few times sbb sgt sejuk smpai badan menggigil. Before g keje muntah 2x kt umh. Tp ttp g keje jugak. Pagi td i masuk opis awl to setup machine n do the qc. Then dah setle tros g staff clinic. First measured, my body was 39.5 degrees celcius. High fever. After disoal siasat oleh dr.james, then he asked me to go n take blood test. Suspected dengue or malaria, sbb my temperature was too high n my body menggigil sgt2. Plus skang ni byk kes denggi n malaria kt kuching. After amek blood kt lab, the he measured my body temperature again, and it increased to 41! The blood test result akn dpt dis friday, but stil tomorow i nid to see the doctor again. I hope xde pape. Semoga Dia kurniakan kesihatan yg baik2 saja.

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