March 08, 2012

Kerana wanita itu

Did u guys listened hotfm am crew pagi td? Sempena hari wanita sedunia arini, they discussed topic on 'kerana wanita itu'. Btw to those yg xtau about this special day, hari wanita sedunia ni disambut pada 8 Mac setiap tahun, sebagai mengingati, menghormati, mengenang and menghargai setiap wanita yg ada d sekeliling kita. 

Kerana wanita itu...

Kerana wanita itu... sy menjadi seperti diri sy skarang. I wasnt a good student, but alhamdulillah finally i graduated with flying colors. I wasnt and im not a good daughter but insyaAllah ill try my best to make her proud of me. I wasnt a strong gal, but she always give me support everytime i need it. Well i dun have to say a word pun, juz by looking at her face i oredi kno she always pray for her son and daughters.Today i think im far stronger than yerterday. Alhamdulillah.  Because of her, i am now standing at what i am. I dun have dat great achievement like others, but sy  ttp bersyukur dgn apa yg saya ada skarang. Terima kasih mama. I love u so much!

Kerana wanita itu...
kaklang n nini (is wafa can be considered as wanita? haha)

Kerana wanita itu... idop sy sentiasa ceria. I love the sisterhood life that we have. Guest what? We were on the fon everyday ok! Talking about bla bla bla.. Too many things to be shared. Ari2 borak pun xpenah abes. Haha. They are my forever best friends. I love u both sistas! U owez make my day!

Kerana wanita itu... Sy happy n tenang dgn life sy skang. Dear friends, i love u so much. (Xmuat nak list semua kawan2 la..) Kerana kamu semua, sy bangun dr kejatuhan n sy bahagia dgn kehidupan sy. 

To all ladies out there, Selamat Hari Wanita Sedunia. We are in millenium era. Dont let the guys ruined your life. Dont let others underestimate you. Don let them take advantages of your weakness. We are strong. I believed we are. 

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