April 26, 2012

deutch called them mutter

May is coming soon. Means xlama lg hari ibu. Im going back hometown end of this week to visit my parent. Its been long time ago since my lastime i balik kampung. The last one was on november2011. But the last time i met my parents was on last february2012, kt umah my sista. This will b my firstime i balik kpg after so many things happened in my life. Kdg2 terasa nebes nk balik kpg. Boley gitu? Haha. So what's ur plan to celeb mother's day coming soon? Kalau xdpt celeb pun xpe, yg penting we owez igt our parent n doakan mereka. And kalau boley tu dun forget to wish them on their special day - birthday.. father's/ mother's day.. anniversary.. And paling penting jgn lupa sentiasa doakan utk mak ayah kita setiap hari, esp setiap kali after solat yer kawan2. Moga hidup lebih diberkati. InshaAllah.

Renung2kan dan selamat beramal =)

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