May 31, 2012

Filtered here

Alhamdulillah saya dah berjaya filtered entries2 lama. First of all, i am very sorry for all my previous entries on last previous years yang membuatkan ada pihak yang tak senang to read those entries. Langsung xde niat nak buat mana2 hati terguris. All the smile and hepi stories, the pictures and everything inside here, i wrote masa setiap perkara tu berlaku. I know it was already my past life. The entries was still inside here not to hurt anyone. But there were a lot of my life stories here, dat i need time to read and filtered them all. I am very sori dat i had hurt you wif all my and our previous stories. Ive deleted and edited most of the entries as per requested. But i think there are still ada entries yg sy tak edit sepenuhnya. Penat sgt nak baca all the entries setiap satu. If ada yg saya termissed, i am very sori. Seihklasnya, sy takde niat nak buat sape2 terkilan dengan kisah cinta saya pada masa dulu. It was my past. And it was written pada satu masa dulu. 3 4 5 tahun lepas. Now it became memories. Im also a woman, i kno n i stil hv my respect to other women out there. InshaAllah sy tetap hormat dengan perkara yg berlaku pada masa skarang. Ive let go everything. Name it tru the net or phone or anything. Everything is zero. All. Wif this, i hope there is no more quiries or request ttg apa2 yg berkaitan atau sewaktu dengannya. Let me live in peace. Thank you. Full stop.

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