May 20, 2012

a weekend

19May Saturday
Went to serikin wif my opismates - kak aida, wong, ng n me. Bertolak kol lapan pagi. I didnt plan to buy anything pun, skadar nk p jln2 je d samping temankn ng n wong yg blom penah sampai sana. Ng and i discussed bout our status of transfer application, few days back. Suddenly she came across this great idea. "Lieza, lets go to places around here before we go back for good". InsyaAllah few of staff in our department are going back to peninsular this year, for good. Either transfer or resign. So we have this mood of jom jalan2 here and there before we leave borneo for good. Btw it was my first time i went there tawaf 4x weh! Before this paling byk pun 2x tawaf je. Dasat gak dua org amoi pharmacist ni shopping kain for kebaya n kurung. They grabbed tiga pasang kain each! I got myself sepasang kain for kebaya. Satu je.. Sampai kuching tros kitorg g anta kain kat tailor. Semangat gile kan! I jadi fashion consultant for them. Suggested few design baju2 modern n they agreed. Before this they pakai baju kurung biasa je. So we'll see the outcome soon ;)

Adoi.. Sememeh gile mukaku yg kepanasan. Vewy hot there tau!

20May Sunday
As usual i'll spend few hours in the kitchen for cooking or baking. So this weekend i prepared dua menu tuk santapan pagi/petang for today n nexwik. Bahan kunyahan before n after balik keje ;) Menu2 pilihan ialah puding roti n another one is sweet potatoes wif honey syrup. Done preparing those two at 10am. 

*** Owh pasni kena start back my xvtv sukan yg dah 3weeks tergendala. So lets jog tomoro! Nway Rejab is coming this tuesday. Time flies so fast kan. Slamat beramal!

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