June 04, 2012

Mari belajar

Alhamdulillah, today selesai kelas auto kt workshop. Xpenah terpk nak g klas ni. But being alone wif single status, i know i need to be more independent especially on mechanical things. Kang anything hepen tercangak2 n cuak gile plak. Silap2 tros nangis. Haha. So i went to a day class, learning basic things bout what we shud know when unexpectable things come out. Particularly about fixing things related to our car.  Fifteen participants joined, all ladies and i was the one n only malay there. Of course it wasnt a free workhop yer ;p Ape yg dbelajar? Semestinya ada theory kan. Then practical on cara nak tuko tayar. Kot2 pancit tgh jalan masa driving sorg2 n xde org tolong. Setiap peserta kena praktis 5x. Firstime wif a help. Then 4x kena buat sorang2, noone allowed to help orally or physically. Ujian practical yer, xleh buat toyol =p Huhu. Then kena practical check minyak itam, air bateri, coolent, air-conditioner fan, etc. Also diajar ape yg patut dichecked kalo tetibe keta mati ms tgh driving. The sequences of possible probs that may occur. There were three diff cars there, each had diff probs. So everyone kena cek sendri tiap2 keta n defined the probs. Sorang2 n jauh2 tu... Mcm amek exam weh! Xle bincang =p And of course kena check keta sendri gak. Overall best gak klas ni. Byk blajar ttg enjin keta, checkup management, and mcm2 lg. 

This mid of june ade homemade chocolate class, wif limited number of participants. Its free! Tomorrow nk tanye kot2 stil available. Tp iklan ni da tampal seminggu. Napela baru perasan td :( Tp my osmate ade gitau last fewdays. I tot it was diff one. Nway blom cuba blom tau kan!

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