June 07, 2012

Completely done

After 2mlm bertungkus lumus mereview each n every entries here - edited n deleted those unnecessary and unrelated post, finally im completely finished my filtering. Yahuuuu!!!! Podih mata den ngadap netbook kocik ni sampai tgh mlm. Huhu.

Nway there are few new readers asking me bout my status. Am i getting married? Maybe sbb there are many entries bout wedding stuff here especially entries years back. To those asking, yes i got engaged n i was about to get married but the fate stated that we were not meant for each other. So the wedding was cancelled. But some entries of wedding stuff are still here bcos i love those cute n beauty thingy n wedding decor n craft. I suka benda2 cantik ni! Somemore manala tau kot2 bakal soulmate i nnt baca this blog, then he will know my wedding dream. Ape yg i suka n xsuka. Basic idea la kan.. Ok x trick ni ;)

Now i feel so released n hepi dah settle bout the content inside here =) Pasni nak tuko layout plak kot. Haha. Kalo rajin la kan. Skang tgh bz byk projek ni ;) Kan PRU da dekat. Erk apekejadahkaitannya?????

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