June 25, 2012

Tiada yang adil?

Due to my filtering of my fb friendlist, few of the filtered list did msg me tru hp n net. Asked me y did i unfriend them. Is it becos of this and that? They said it was unfair that i unfriend them. And totally ignore them. To those who asked me the questions, i kne few of you do read my blog sometimes kan. So im going to answer soklan korang in bulk. 

U r all good friends. Kawan yang baik n pandai jaga hati n rahsia kawan2.
U r all good listeners too. Thanx for all ur advise esp when i was down. I was not your close fren, but i do appreciate all of u yg byk advice n support me.
U r all having good friends bonding. So i am not supposed to ruin your friendship wif him n her because of our history.
And i am not allowed to be friend wif all of u due to some reasons.
Last but not least, mungkin we are all not meant to be friends. 

I dun have the exact answer, but only God knows why. But i do believed everything happened for reasons. Wif this, i hope all of u have the answer. Sori that i ignore all ur msgs or calls. Nway thanx to all of you for once being good friends. Nice to kno u guys. I am sori if i did anything that hurt you guys in any ways. We rarely met, but im glad that i had chances to be your friend. Tq to all of you. I am sorry that i need to totally dissappear and back off. Takde yang btol2 adil in this life. Tu namanya dugaan n cabaran hidup. Ujian utk yg tak berlaku adil n dugaan utk yg menerima ketidakadilan. Tapi Allah Maha Adil kan. So plz dun ask me again n again. No more. Thanx.  And all the best to all of us. Today we are all 28 kan. Almost all la. Still have long long journey to go. So gambate!  Chill =) Lets live our life to the fullest, but dont forget to get nearer to Him. InsyaAllah Dia tau ape yg terbaik.

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