June 28, 2012

Wo hen mang!

1. Minggu ni got audit from KKM.
2. Been selected as project manager for a seminar organized by our dept. It will be held right after aidilfitri n the participants will be from all over the country.
3. Been selected as a supervisor for the practical students esp students in physics/ technical field. Start July-Sept will be sgt ramai students along dat period!
4. Been assigned to prepare stuff, workbook n portfolio for two new physicist coming soon. Not sure when they are coming, but our seniors said insyaAllah maybe on July kot.
5. Need to manage related docs of one staff in our dept whom is going to transfer back to peninsular in next few days.
6. Need to takeover keje2 my senior physicist who is currently having a training in italy for two months. I repeat TWO MONTHS! Kakak seniorku! Aritu u cuti bsalin 3bln, masuk kije sebulan, then p italy 2bln. Xsempat den nak rehat jap ;(

Those really killing me! Esp dengan condition scan machine yang kurang stabil lately ni. Tiap2 ari i manjakan u ~ do qa n qc to u, tp u stil nak meragam n majuk wif me. Letihla ari2 i nak do maintainance to u ;( Serious penat. Walopun penat but stil im enjoying myself doing all those things. And sempat jln2 short trip during wiken jugak. Huhu =p I hope i managed to handle n settle all those as good and as much as i could. At least i dun leave them caca merba. InshaAllah ill try my best.

Malam ni jadi burung antu again. Germany vs italy! Owh btw walopun sgt penat kije but i stil bgn awl pagi layan euro almost everyday tau =p But usually one game per day jela, either at 12am or 3am. Yang pasti season kali ni i watched all games of my fevret team Deutchland! Xpenah miss their games tau ;) Rekod tanpa kalah wokeh! When i met my senior jenanians last few weeks, one of them said dari kt jenan smpai skang i ttp maintain sokong germany and man utd. And surprisingly they still remembered kat meja i masa form 4 n 5 dulu ade poster beckham n ryan gigs, n one small photo of michael owen. Hihi ;)

So friday is coming. Ari malas bekerja or ari mengira jam tunggu wiken, is it? Have a great wiken darlings!!!

***iklan jap*** Guys said ladies who watched football are cooooolll... Nnt kawen can lyn bola sama2. And xde nk ngomel hubby asek makan tdo bola je. Cool.... Yeke? Ehem =p

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