July 05, 2012

Trip to Kota Singa_part1

22-24June 2012
I went to Spore wif my two amoi frens aka opismates. Actually it was super duper last minute plan. Wong n i kena g JB for a day course on 25june, monday. Then suddenly it came across our mind nak g spore. Then Ng tros checked flight tix since she nid to buy flight tix on her own cos she tak join our course.

Ng took direct flight from kuching to spore. Wong n i naik flight from kch to kl, then kl to jb. Kalaulah govt warrant bleh amek direct flight to spore.... So how was our journey to spore from jb? First we took a bus from airport senai to terminal bas kotaraya. Then changed bus plak from terminal kotaraya to imigresen singapore. Then changed bus again to the nearest mrt station. Then naik mrt to the nearest station yg terdekat dgn our booked hostel. Then walked bout 20minutes from the mrt station to our hostel. Bleh tahan jauh gakla. Bape lama our journey took? Our flight arrived senai airport at 3.40pm then continued naik turun bas n sampai hostel at 9.45pm. Kira sendri la yer. Penat gile weh!!!! Dahle both xpenah naik bus to spore. Siap kena tinggal bus tau. Actually kalo driving from terminal kotaraya to our hostel, it will only take less than one hour. Dekat je pun... But alhamdulillah diz two backpackers did survived along the journey. Hehe. Sampai hostel tros mandi n lpk2 pillow talk diskasing bout tomorrow plan.

Kol 730 turun breakfast n kol8 memulakan program jln2. Our main transport there hanyalah by train n bus. Of course our main attraction was Sentosa World! So we went to Imbiah Lookout - then Beaches - then USS!!! Kitorang naik all the rides inside except for rollercoaster ;p Paling best was the transformers ride! Sy sgt suka! Nak naik lagi n lagi. Huhu

Jln2 sekitar 'fingers of Singapore' - then Marina Bay - then Orchard Road - then balik.... Naik turun bus again hingga ke JB. The rest, let pictures do the talking ya. Enjoy the picas!

And last but not least...

Yours truly ;)

*How bout the accommodation? How was the hostel? Special entry of that soon k!

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