August 15, 2012

Breakfasting & Bbq

The official farewell for mr fairoz, ms ng n ms lieza ~ breakfasting and bbq event! Where-Dr.zuffa's house. When-28july2012. Initially it was planned by dr.zuffa n me to organize a farewell party for miss ng. Masa tu blom dpt my official tranfer letter ;p So i senyap2 la dulu kn walopun dah tau a month before. Huhu. Then after da received the letter, it turned out to be official farewell for three of us. Tq to dr.zuffa n hubby n son for your hard work susah2 prepare umah n bbq for the event.

Tq to all yg hadir - dr.hasnur n son, ms wong, kumaini n wife n son, kak liza n anak2, kak aida, fredecia, liley, nadia, ehsan, mimmy, ana, pearl, chin, jie see n last but not least the three of us.

Menu yg sodap2 belaka. Nasik campur, buah n minuman provided by caterer ;) Marinated ayam, sosej n jagung for bbq, also asamboi salad prepared tuan umah. My fevret kuih ondeh2 a.k.a buah melaka by kak liza, tq kak sbb memenuhi permintaanku! Puding jagung castard by yours truly. Semuanya sodap2 belaka. Tq to my three anak buah practical student physics (pearl, chin n jie see) for joining us n tolong membakar ms bbq. Tq to tuan umah sbb allowed kitorg melepak dlm gaming room n melayan ps3! Ahaks =) Serious layan gile kitorg men game kt bilik tu. Terasa nak beli game set plak pasni.



Tq to all of u! Gonna miss u all ;(

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