September 27, 2012

Farewell gift

I got a lot of farewell gifts from my lovely frens in sarawak.

Tq for the engraved red pink pen
Tq for the crystal pendant
Tq for the silver necklace
Tq for the bouquet of white lilies
Tq for the bouquet of red roses
Tq for the cute meow
Tq for the red bracelet
Tq for the pearl KK bracelets
Tq for the cute princess tshirt
Tq for the scarfs
Tq for the bouquet of chocs
And tq for all the cards!

the official from Nuclear Med. Dept., SGH

crystal pendant ~ sweet gift from a nice fren

silver necklace ~ lovely gift from a good fren

And byk lg. Yg lain dah selamat dipacking awl2 before balik peninsular, terlupa amek gaba earlier ;( To all of u there, thanxomuch! I was speechless n still do. I miss u all deeply.

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