September 16, 2012

My farewell party_part one

1 @ nuclear medicine dept, srwk general hosp

This is the official farewell at our dept, for three of us ~ fairoz, ng n me. Thanx to all nuclear medicine dept members for the majlis n souvenir n card.

2 @ mango tree restaurant

kak nur+hubby+daughter+son, kak aida, ana, pearl, me

Wif kak nur's family and few other staffs. Tq to kaknur cos terlalu byk tolong sy esp masa sy mula2 mjejakkan kaki d bumi kenyalang n also masa sy hypertension putus tunang dulu. Ahaks. Seriously tak terbalas jasa kaknur n family. Thanxomuch!

3 @ grand continental hotel

dr.zuffa+hubby+son, kak aida, ana, raihan, nadia+fiance, pearl, me

Tq uols for a nice breakfasting n then continued wif movie showtime at mbo cinema. The lamb soup n lamb grilled was great!

4 @ dr.zuffa's home

kak liza, kak aida, ng, fredecia, raihan, aliaa, doreena, dr.hasnur+son, ana, me

Tq dr.zuffa+hubby for the homemade pelbagai jenis juadah yg sodap! N tq for the ps3 gaming session again. Haha.

5 @ kak nur's home

kak dayang+daughters+in laws, kak sanin+daughters+son, kak aida, dr.zuffa+hubby+son, dr.hasnur+hubby+son, ng, wong, ana, me

Tq to kak nur+hubby for organizing the majlis for me. I was speechless. Tq cos sgt2 byk menu yg tak terlarat nak makan. Everything was homemade! Tq for those yg datang. Tq for all the tears. It was the last gathering before i departed to kl the next day.

my second last day at the dept.

my last day at the dept.

To all nuclear medicine dept members..  Tq atas segala tunjuk ajar, bantuan, sokongan, and for everything we had treasured together. All the up n down. To kak liza, kak aida n dr.zuffa, rindunya nak jln2 luncheon ngan uols! And also sesi luahan rasa n gossiping ;p To ng n wong, it was great to work wif the workaholic amoi like u both ;p Lets have another trip together - uk or beijing maybe. To kak nur, rindu nak bcerita n sesi luahan hati wif u. To all of u there, thanx for everything. U'll be missed!

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