December 29, 2012

pearl island


venue: penang
date: 10 & 11 november 2012
event: wedding farhana
members: ied, kakrona, dila, rodi, azlan, kis kis & yours truly

credit to our frens a.k.a the official photographers for the wedding
i. azlan - official website here
ii. kis kis - sorry not sure his website ;p but pictures taken from his fb here

important lesson: makesure anda snap pictures pakai camera sendri walopun anda jalan2 bersama professional photographers, esp during musim cuti skolah. y? sbb semestinya anda xkan dapat gaba2 posing cantik anda tu dgn segera coz rakan2 anda sgt bz ngan job wedding photoshoot. ahaks ;)

December 26, 2012

A gift

A birthday present
From me to myself

A simple grey casual handbag by Calvin Klein

December 19, 2012

rabu tanpa kata

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the umbrella and droplets

December 14, 2012

Renungan Jumaat: Dont need & Need

You don't need a guy who adds many girls on Facebook and finds pleasure to chat with them.

But you need...

♥ A man who is engaged to his deen and married to his salaah.

♥ A man who loves you for the sake of Allah and who fears Allah in regard of lowering his gaze in front of women who do not belong to him.

♥ A man who would want to complete half his deen with you and not flirt with other girls/women because he respects you at least.

December 12, 2012

triple twelve

12.12.12 is the last repetitive date. Definitely there will be no 13.13.13 kan. Ramai yg pilih date ni tuk diabadikan dgn something special. At my spital, ot tuk bersalin surgery arini  full! And i believed tok2 imam pun bz ngan sgt byk majlis akad nikah arini. Owh i want to congratulate my friend, faiz for his akad nikah today. And also intan for her engagement today. As for myself, again today is just another day. Nothing special. On 10.10.10 i had made the biggest mistake in my entire life. Bt i took it positive, i know Allah want to test me n bring me nearer to Him. Tuhan itu Maha Adil. Thank you Allah. On 11.11.11 i was in kuching wif all my lovely darlings. Yes i miss them so much. Today 12.12.12 as usual g keje n balik keje. N nw i just finished packing my stuff. Im going back hometown tomorrow nite. Weee!!! Balik sorg2, so mls nak drive. Nk nek flight xmampu den. Seriously lama gile xbalik perlis naik bus. Nway to those yg dah selamat diijabkabulkan arini, selamat pengantin baru! To those yg meraikan hari jadi, happy birthday! Happy triple twelve everyone!

wordless rabu

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the vespa n the 'ju-on'

December 10, 2012

Bola itu bulat

Malaysia vs Thailand kat foodcourt presint 9. Then after first half, Man Utd vs Man City kat kedai d belakang tu plak, restoran al naz maju presint 9. Pindah randah. Boley gitu? ;p So dinner d foodcourt, and drink d mamak. Fair n square la kan. Haha. Both are my fevret tempat lepak esp breakfast during wiken n dinner watching football. Roti cheese satu!!! ;) Nway i prefer to pay for astro wif sport channel rather than unifi wif ntah ape2 channel plus stakat nk surfing je. Seriously not worth the money for pple like me yg sgt2 jarang tgk streaming video or layan youtube or online drama. Sgt membazir wokeh. But what to do, menumpang umh org, so have to pay la kan.

December 03, 2012


 I hope the stock is stil there. Plzzzzz!!!!!!!

*sedang imagine kaki sendri in dat nice sweet gojes owesome heels. xsabanye....*