December 10, 2012

Bola itu bulat

Malaysia vs Thailand kat foodcourt presint 9. Then after first half, Man Utd vs Man City kat kedai d belakang tu plak, restoran al naz maju presint 9. Pindah randah. Boley gitu? ;p So dinner d foodcourt, and drink d mamak. Fair n square la kan. Haha. Both are my fevret tempat lepak esp breakfast during wiken n dinner watching football. Roti cheese satu!!! ;) Nway i prefer to pay for astro wif sport channel rather than unifi wif ntah ape2 channel plus stakat nk surfing je. Seriously not worth the money for pple like me yg sgt2 jarang tgk streaming video or layan youtube or online drama. Sgt membazir wokeh. But what to do, menumpang umh org, so have to pay la kan.

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