January 07, 2013


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A newyear gift from me to myself:
A watch by Esprit

This is my newyear gift. The last thing i grabbed for myself  on the lastday of YES last year. Ive lost my previous esprit watch. Sebulan lebey survey for a new watch n mencari yang kaler putih. Narrrowed from few choices until two left, bonia vs esprit. Since i oredi got one bonia with me n dat bonia got stones, at last yg ni jugak berkenan d hati. Lebey kurang sama dgn yg hilang tu except dat this one is without stones and in halfly white kaler. Definitely suit what i was looking for - no stones n in white. Suka!!! ;)

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Miss FZ said...

cantik.aku pun beli jam hadiah utk diri sendiri.hee. :)