February 27, 2014


I got an offer jd model utk butik pakaian pengantin. Butik yg agak glamer gak la ;) Untuk muslimah dress or lebih tepat lagi model bertudung utk wedding dress. Walaupun muka ni xbrapa cantik, tp dpt pakai baju cantik pun jadi la kan.. Apepun, im thankful dgn setiap pemberian dan pinjaman daripadaNya. Wearing a beautiful wedding dress always be one thing that i dream of. To be a bridal model, it would be a perfect one. But after bout a month thinking of the offer, i rejected it. Being me who always prefer to stay behind-the-scene or  in a simple words, i am a low profile person. I prefer to be the way i am now. So my dream to wear a beautiful and gorgeous dress, i reserve it for my wedding. InshaAllah, moga diberikan peluang olehNya.

February 21, 2014


Bertiga Bercuti Bersama :)

We bought the flight tickets last january. Actually the earlier plan was a trip wif four single ladies. But two of my frens terpaksa cancelled coz masa diorg beli tix tu xprasan plak clash ngan date chap goh meh. So both two amoi xdpt la join us. Aiyo amoi... Uols should check btol2 date tu. Iols mmg x alert sgt ngan chap goh meh ni, cny i tau la.. sbb ade public holidays ;) After meriki2 n ajak kawan2 lain, semuanya xdpt join. So finally i asked one guy to accompany us. Yela.. nak travel jauh berdua je perempuan kan.. Luckily he agreed to join us walopun masa trip tu die baru a week started working at a new workplace. Thanxomuch coz sudi temankan us ;) Tq jd unofficial driver. Tq jd unofficial bodyguard of the two beautiful ladies ;) Review of the trip will be up soon...

February 20, 2014

fourteen february

14 february. It was a valentine's day. Everybody knows kan. I didnt celebrate valentine pun. But surprisingly this year i got few bouquet of flowers n chocolates. Ade few yg i mmg tau who gave them to me. All those gifts really bring out my smile. For a single independent lady like me, benda2 mcm ni la yg membuatkn i mampu tersenyum sendirian. At least i kno there are people out there who love n care for me. Eventhough the gifts were not from my beloved one, but i do really appreciate their effort. 

One thing yg menjadi hot issue among my frens now, when am i getting married? We had a serious discussion bout our newyear resolution before it turned to 2014. I was seriously said that i really want to get married before i turn thirty, which means before 20november2014. My frens are really excited to introduce their frens to me. So wif that, i got to know few guys out there. All the nice gentlemen. So.... when i got few bouquet of flowers n chocs during the valentine, the hot issues pop up again. When am i getting married? My answer... I really want to get married, but noone propose to marry me! Huh... What a loser. Haha. Well actually there were guys proposed to marry me. But... how can i marry to someone whom i dont have any feeling towards him. Org yg kite syg xnak kawen ngan kite, org yg kite xde feeling byk kali plak confess n proposed. Haih... Complicated kan.

Anyway, kadang2 org yg kite syg tu blom tentu btol2 serious nak kawen ngan kite pun.. N kadang2 sesuatu yg kite miliki tu blom tentu kekal menjadi milik kite. Soal hati n perasaan ni xle dipaksa kan. To those who love n care for me, i am glad to know that. InshaAllah sy doakan yg terbaik utk anda semua. Perasaan cinta tu mmg sesuatu yg indah especially when both side memiliki perasaan yg sama n keinginan yg sama tuk bersatu. To those yg byk bg sokongan n bersemngat kenalkn i kt jejaka2 ensem tu, u guys rock! Korang mmg cool walopun dah tau aku ni spesis yg malas nk layan laki. Ahaks ;p And korg xpenah give up carikan jodoh tuk aku. Yg give up adalah kwn korg yg sorg ni. Haha. Sori guys! So all the flowers n chocs adalah hakmilik korang. Yay! Sila makan kenyang2 yer. 

Jodoh itu rahsia Allah. Semoga dipertemukan dgn insan yg benar2 menyayangi n menghargai diri ini seadanya. Amin. inshaAllah..