February 21, 2014


Bertiga Bercuti Bersama :)

We bought the flight tickets last january. Actually the earlier plan was a trip wif four single ladies. But two of my frens terpaksa cancelled coz masa diorg beli tix tu xprasan plak clash ngan date chap goh meh. So both two amoi xdpt la join us. Aiyo amoi... Uols should check btol2 date tu. Iols mmg x alert sgt ngan chap goh meh ni, cny i tau la.. sbb ade public holidays ;) After meriki2 n ajak kawan2 lain, semuanya xdpt join. So finally i asked one guy to accompany us. Yela.. nak travel jauh berdua je perempuan kan.. Luckily he agreed to join us walopun masa trip tu die baru a week started working at a new workplace. Thanxomuch coz sudi temankan us ;) Tq jd unofficial driver. Tq jd unofficial bodyguard of the two beautiful ladies ;) Review of the trip will be up soon...

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