June 03, 2015


Hello peeps! Im back! Fuuhhhhhhh... berhabuk n bersawang blog ni. Hopefully im in a track to maintain my kerajinan to write here ;p  Btw too many things to update here, too many things to be shared here. But yeah, again depending on my mood n kerajinan la kan.

So, first thing i wanna share wif u today is bout my personal life. Alhamdulillah i was engaged on november 2014. N alhamdulillah we tied the knot on march 2015. So now i am officially a wife :) 

Later on i will share serba sedikit bout my engagement, solemnisation n reception. Actually malas nk ngarang, but my frens keep asking me y i dah lama x update blog n xde pun stori mori bout my wedding. So.. inshaAllah i will share sikit2 later. Plus to write the stories here, as my memories of perjalanan to my big day. Nanti dah tua2 mudah lupa, tgk kt sini bolehla nk recap balik kenangan2 wedding preparation kan. Ok gtg. Byk keje nak buat ni. Till then.. 

03.06.2015 5.10am

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